Private online Embodied Womanhood Mentoring

for navigating change and transition with truth, trust and possibility.


Change is upon you. 

May be you saw it coming, or may be it crept up on you. 

It might even have been thrust upon you. 

Things feel different, unfamiliar and perhaps overwhelming. 

And feeling uncertain might just have become your new norm.

In the past you have always been able to ‘fix’ the problem; soothe the dis-ease.

And yet now, doing what you’ve always done just doesn’t work like it used to.

You are searching for a way to hold your centre. 

Or perhaps to find the way back. 

You’ve exhausted all options and you are ready, finally, to do whatever it takes.

You realise it requires a new approach. 

And only you know the way forward…

Reclaim your innate body wisdom and leave cognitive over-analysis and critical thinking behind.

Let your instinctive self-knowing lead you to calm, clear, confidence.

Become unwavering in self-trust and empowered to follow your truth.

Designed to meet you where you are, we set our focus and intention on anything you desire to grow, master and become.

We work together.

You are ready and willing to go to the heart of the matter.

I hold space, ask potent questions, and encourage you to go deeper as you navigate the waters, and discover the buried treasures of your life and your beautiful, powerful being.

You will peel back the layers, identify what no longer serves, and soulfully play at the core of your essence.

Within a space of love, trust and potent truth the power and potential of your being is reclaimed.

Eugenia is one of those rare people who has the ability to be direct  and honest, without pretence and in the most compassionate and non-judgemental of ways. Her mentoring sessions gently but firmly guided me through several blocks which allowed profound shift in my perspective and subsequently my life. She encourages deep feeling and connection with self by asking the right questions at the right moment and beautifully holds space while you discover what you need to know (and what your body probably knows already). She encourages honesty, deep development and facing the shadow parts of life which ultimately lead to freedom and inexplicable shifts in emotion, perspective and potential. Sessions with her are hard to describe in words but would benefit anyone wanting to work through emotional blocks, or wanting a deeper connection with themselves and clarity in their lives. She is a beautiful soul who leaves you inspired and uplifted after every encounter, and you will be so grateful to have her as part of your life. 

Lauren Wilkie (, London, UK.


Unsure if this is the right next step for you?

Turn to your own wisdom. Take a few deep belly breaths. Feet on the ground. Center yourself.

Then, ask yourself this simple question: If I trusted myself fully, what would I choose to do?

If the answer is ‘I’m ready and choose this’, let’s speak!


Options for working with me:

1 time session 

1x 110min

Be prepared to go in deep.

Step away with clarity, truth and a transformed outlook and understanding of your life.

Nothing will be off limits and we will identify 3 key areas for focussing transformation and harmonising your heart, body and mind.



3 months

6 sessions (1 x 90; 5x 60-75 min)

A transformative experience where you plant the seeds for a radiant, real and refocussed life - a true point of no return.  

Fortnightly sessions for momentum, potency and profound shifts will be supported by once a week email check in.

Together we explore and challenge areas of limitation so that you experience self-trust, power and potential.



excited to begin? ready to shift? burning questions? let me know:

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