Beauty, let's see you soaring, soulful and deeply embodied... 


I am not your ‘regular’ coach....


Sure you’ll transform, ascend and reaffirm your PASSION, POWER and POTENCY.


And abundance in love, wealth, and creativity are most definitely on the menu. 


But we are going to move into FLOW in a luscious and soft and deeply healing way in the direction of your dreams and desires. 


You’ll never hear me talk about hustle, grind, grit and anything that sounds like you need to hire a truck load of construction workers.


We work exclusively in DIVINE BEAUTY.


We work exclusively in the ways of the COSMIC.


We work exclusive WITH - not against - your HEART, BODY and MIND.



Let me emphasise that again, we work WITH, in unapologetic ALIGNMENT, and heart-fucking-centerdly.


Sometimes I swear, but it’s my PASSION, not some sort of Boot Camp, get-in-line, rage.


My excitement comes from a consciously held space of LOVE.


And together we work first - and foremost - with the most powerful practice and process of all, LOVE.


We will peel back the layers, remove what NO LONGER SERVES, and soothe, surrender and soulfully play at the core of your essence.


You will remember.


And It will feel like COMING HOME.


And once we return to that golden, glowing heartland of joy, grace, and divine Beauty, EVERYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE.


I serve soul clients within a CONTAINER of love, trust and deep truth.


If you’ve been waiting for someone to ask you to DANCE, I’m asking.


If you've been waiting for someone to give you PERMISSION, I’m giving.


If you’ve been waiting for someone to LOVE you unconditionally, I’m loving.


Feel into your body, are my words resonating with you?


Is your heart saying YES? 


Contact me - don't be shy - I’d love to WITNESS you, and your unfolding.


We'll have a no obligation chat.


Just SOUL SISTERS in transit together.

Options for working with me:

1 time session 

1x 110min

Be prepared to go deep into the heart of the matter. 

Nothing will be off limits and we will identify 3 key areas for focussing transformation and harmonising your heart, body and mind.


Cost: £97.00

3 months

7 sessions (7x 60 min)

This will be a life changing experience where you plant the seeds for a life so succulent, wild and wondrous - a true point of no return.  

Nothing will be off limits and we explore and challenge areas of your life limiting your souls desires and so that you can free your heart, body and mind.

Cost: £444.00


excited to begin? ready to shift? burning questions? let me know:

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