Welcome Beauty! 

I'm Eugenia - a Cacao Alchemist and Moon Meditating Wild Woman, who’s also qualified in a bunch of ‘adult’ stuff from some nice institutions too…


In practical terms I mentor women in the Embodied Arts: the process of moving out of their head’s and into their hearts.

I do this through offering words, events, workshops and retreats that provide tools, practices and rituals that lead women back into their bodies so that they can become reacquainted with their innate body wisdom.  

My process is compassionate, but direct in honour of my commitment to myself and those I work with to anchor into truth, and encouragement to act in conscious ways that ignite your passion, purpose and power.

My life’s work is to support women to return to their essential self.

What does Oh My Yogini mean?

The Sanskrit yoginī is essentially the feminine source word of the masculine yogi and means 'a female Yoga practitioner'. It is also the respectful term used for female Hindu or Buddhist spiritual teachers in India, Nepal and Tibet. To be clear, I'm not an ascended master, nor am I an enlightened Indian, Nepalese or Tibetan Buddhist Guru (well not in this lifetime anyway !). So I'll explain a little further...

The blog's name plays on several modern ironies: the embrace of 'Oh My God / O.M.G' as a response to pretty much anything ("oh my god, this açaí bowl is amazeballs!"); that most who use this phrase don't actually subscribe to deity and guru beliefs; and that worship culture is alive and rampant with female social media stars being born every hot, digital minute: enter the Instagram Yoga Celebrity….

I hope to contribute to this space by providing a a voice and style of approach through which woman can experience their bodies and become the diviners of their life - clear seeing and clear knowing about what they need, who they are, and where they wish to go.

why focus on women?


This is interesting because much of the literature, ancient texts and yoga traditions which influence modern practice, almost exclusively references, or has been created by, men. So I wanted to make a conscious connection to, and acknowledgment of, the power and strength that the feminine collective embodies as it teaches, practices, transforms, and lives joyfully through, and in many cases, as a consequence of our commitment to yoga. 

As a Yogini for 20 years - I’ve noticed that the modern Yoga landscape has increasingly become as space taught by women, and for women - although some of the nature of the practice doesn’t necessarily reflect this.

What is your Yoga style?

Read enough of my blog and follow my Instagram account and you'll get a sense of my style as irreverent, fluid, flowing, playful and about feeling connected with yourself, in your own way.

More recently my practices have committed to exploring the power of female embodiment, sexuality, sensuality, love and self-evolution. I have taken particular interest in the work and teachings of Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Jenna Ward, Olivia Bryant, Michaela Boehm, Alice Nichols, The Trap Witch, Chitter Love and Chani Nicholas.

However my first introduction to conscious embodiment practice - although I wasn’t conscious of it at the time was an inspiring traditional Hatha teacher, Jean-Alain d'Argent who introduced me to a wholistic Yoga experience with dhyāna (meditation), pranayama (breathing practices) and philosophy which were all a feature of my early practice. Later I enjoyed the breadth of experience provided by the teachings of Patrick Glennan. My RYT200 was completed under Dhugal Meachem.

Like bad coffee or wine, life’s too short for the wrong fit of yoga class/ studio/ teacher / leggings.

Ultimately, we know what is best for us. So fellow curious, creative humans - let's get honest, efficient and confident about recognising what feels good in our bodies and is in right alignment with our minds. I invite you to be discerning, to observe and unapologetically decide and act to consciously curate a life on your terms.

You totally and utterly deserve it.