Welcome Beauty! 

I'm Eugenia -  a Cacao Alchemist, Moon Meditating, Wild Woman and founder of Oh My Yogini.

I love to empower women to anchor into their heart's desires, so that they act in conscious, powerful ways to align body, mind and soul.

As a Yoga, Creativity and Wellness educator, I facilitate workshops, immersive experiences and online training to support women to be wildly well, authentically happy and uniquely themselves, on and off the yoga mat.

I prescribe a daily elixir of radical-self love, creative curiosity and mind-body intelligence for holistic, vital living.

There’s no such thing as a one-dose potion, quick fix or fast track to be who-ever, or to get where-ever, you think you needed to be - yesterday! The first truth is loving who you are, and where you're at - no if, buts or maybes. The second truth is that the more you connect to your authentic self and choose to live in a way that makes you shine, the more you will thrive. 

My approach to yoga, creativity and wellness supports you to make meaningful and intentional daily choices that prioritise wellbeing and lays the foundations for a consciously curated life full of possibilities. 

Oh My Yogini is a blog to support women's wellness - on and off the mat 

Yoga is not just for the Instagram Yoga Goddess, the former gymnast, the human pretzel... so let’s go beyond Lululemon and green kale juices!

Yoga is way of life and it’s a path fit for everyone and every body.

Here I share my knowledge and experience, as well as tools and resources to support women's wellness: a newsletter to encourage daily rituals and acts of self love; news and information about mind-body aligning practices, conscious and sustainable lifestyle and travel tips. And of course, plenty of demystifying the Yoga who-haa that has women backing away with a-what-cult-is-this look on their face!

What does Oh My Yogini mean?

The Sanskrit yoginī is essentially the feminine source word of the masculine yogi and means 'a female Yoga practitioner'. It is also the respectful term used for female Hindu or Buddhist spiritual teachers in India, Nepal and Tibet. To be clear, I'm not an ascended master, nor am I an enlightened Indian, Nepalese or Tibetan Buddhist Guru (well not in this lifetime anyway !). So I'll explain a little further...

The blog's name plays on several modern ironies: the embrace of 'Oh My God / O.M.G' as a response to pretty much anything ("oh my god, this açaí bowl is amazeballs!"); that most who use this phrase don't actually subscribe to deity and guru beliefs; and that worship culture is alive and rampant with female social media stars being born every hot, digital minute: enter the Instagram Yoga Celebrity!

why focus on women?

I’ve been a Yogini for nearly 20 years and over that time I have grown increasingly aware that our modern Yoga landscape is one overwhelming taught by women, and for women.


This is interesting because much of the literature, ancient texts and yoga traditions which influence modern practice, almost exclusively references, or has been created by, men. So I wanted to make a conscious connection and acknowledgment of the power and strength that the feminine collective embodies as it teaches, practices, transforms, and lives joyfully through, and in many cases, as a consequence of our commitment to yoga. 

Most importantly, I want to make extremely clear, that we female practitioners of yoga (Yoginis!) are in fact our own 'Gurus'. We've no need to reference a deity or Instagram Yoga Goddess: wisdom is within us, and can be accessed when we take the time to listen, act and trust!

Oh My Yogini is a Kula that supports you to (re)build the self-trust and wisdom you were born with. 

How do I know this?

Because Yoga has brought me to a returned self-trust and wisdom after some (many) challenging life lessons.

Growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne, attending a religious all-girls school - a child who sat outside of the fringes of school friendship cliques, teachers favour, and lady-like conformity in every possible way - the mirrors placed on my transition into womanhood were oppressive and unforgiving. Navigating my adolescence began in earnest at the age of 15 when I experience my first Yoga class and started to explore my inner world and the mind-body connection. Since that time, evolving beyond limiting opinions and staying true to high vibe thoughts, energy and dreams has been my life's work, curiosity and passion. It has in many ways been the ultimate challenge in resilience and programming: everyday I do my very best to consciously choose my story; equanimity and life-affirming practices.

What is your Yoga style?

Read enough of my blog and follow my Instagram account and you'll get a sense of my vibe pretty quickly. Simply put though, I'm more likely to say something like:

“Don’t do yoga to get a good arse, do it to get your head out of your arse”.

So take from this a that I'm fairly irreverent (and a little dry humoured) and that Yoga, as with all other things in our life, needs to serve us, not the other way around. 

My very first teacher was an inspiring traditional Hatha teacher, Jean-Alain d'Argent who introduced me to a wholistic Yoga experience with dhyāna (meditation), pranayama (breathing practices) and philosophy all being a feature of my early practice. Later I enjoyed the breadth of experience provided by the teachings of Patrick Glennan. My RYT200 was completed under Dhugal Meachem.

More recently however I have committed to exploring the wisdom of female teachers, having taken a particular interest in the work and teachings of Ana Forrest, Diane Bruni and Kathryn Bruni Young, Jules Mitchell, and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.

Like bad coffee or wine, life’s too short for the wrong fit of yoga class/ studio/ teacher / leggings.

Ultimately, we know what is best for us. So fellow curious, creative humans - let's get honest, efficient and confident about recognising what feels good in our bodies and is in right alignment with our minds. Oh My Yogini is an invitation to discovery your unique yogini style and vibe. I invite you to be discerning, to observe and unapologetically decide and act to consciously curate your shining, radically self-loving life.

You totally and utterly deserve it.

Namaste Beauty! xxx