Welcome Beautiful 

I'm Eugenia and I have spent my life exploring the power and possibility of change and transformation through the alchemising process of embodiment.

Women who work with me are invited, supported, and guided to reclaim and recall their whole-self.

They return to the home that is their body, their way of literally and physically being in the world.

All the processes I work with are intentionally OUTWITH the scope of the analytical, logical, critically perceiving brain.

As a reformed type-A, over-thinking, driven, non-stop, high-achieving ‘busy’ woman, I (dramatically) came to realise this way of living served everyone else, but sadly not myself.

I also recognised it was a way of by-passing some of the deeper messages and themes recurring in my life.

After several breakdowns (mental, emotional and physical) - at different but reliably familiar intersections in my life - I surrendered with intense reluctance.

These moments of surrender gave way to serendipity, possibility and greater potential than my mind would have ever conceived…

I 2010 I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, inspired and in-love with the city after a chance visit one Hogmanay (New Year 2007), and met my beloved and my adopted homeland.

A job ended and I decided to take a long walk and physically re-membered my strength, resilience and power: walking over 700kms along the Camino Portuguese, and raising £700 for OurMala, Yoga for Refugees.

A chance email inquiry met with with an invitation to volunteer as the cook at Ireland’s Jampa Ling Tibetan Mediation Centre for a month, where I met a feminist Monk and deepened my relationship with mindfulness.

I followed the love of my life to Okinawa: he studied Karate whilst I communed with Ixcacao and spoke bad Japanese and re-covered joy and pleasures I had long forgotten.

Visiting Bali by chance, I found a place that invited me to truly embody deeper surrender and softness through several months of illness: she held me in her womb as I took a slow convalescence and learnt the true art of rest.

After decades of creative, performative embodied practices (yoga, violin, singing, theatrical arts), these life lessons revealed to me the subtle power of “body as diviner”, and it’s profound ability to act as a compass for living in truth and tune with the heart’s deepest desires and potential - especially in times of change and challenge.

I am dedicated to serving women in sharing these lesson and tools for this pathway. Learning processes of feeling, sensing, moving, exploring, making and creating are the ways in which we are re-acquainted with our personal truth, desires and dreams.

It is in working WITH our body, that we are reunited with our power of self-knowing. The ‘doing and thinking’ mind is asked to take a well deserved break.

When we elevate - and become fluent in - the innate wisdom of our body, ease, flow and joy returns.

Through the non-verbal, felt language we re-learn the art of creating a life.

Both literally and metaphorically.

Much of teaching and process has come from personal learning, knowing and practice. But I am highly qualified in various aspects of Embodied Arts and a bunch of ‘proper’ stuff from some nice institutions too, which you can find here.

What does Oh My Yogini mean?

The Sanskrit yoginī is essentially the feminine source word of the masculine yogi and means 'a female Yoga practitioner'. It is also the respectful term used for female Hindu or Buddhist spiritual teachers in India, Nepal and Tibet. To be clear, I'm not an ascended master, nor am I an enlightened Indian, Nepalese or Tibetan Buddhist Guru (well not in this lifetime anyway !). So I'll explain a little further...

The name plays on several modern ironies: the embrace of 'Oh My God / O.M.G' as a response to pretty much anything ("oh my god, this açaí bowl is amazeballs!"); that most who use this phrase don't actually subscribe to deity and guru beliefs; and that worship culture is alive and rampant with female social media stars being born every hot, digital minute: enter the Instagram Yoga Celebrity….

In truth we are our own Guru.

Ancient knowing is within us.

Our innate wisdom is ready.

We don’t need another icon.

It’s time to reclaim power.

And so let’s go within...