The Artists Way with Eugenia

The Artist's Way Creative Circle

For the creatively curious, sometimes whimsical, freelancer, entrepreneur, doubter and established artist alike, this 12 week methodology is for everyone - especially those who claim ‘I’m not creative’!

Eugenia hosts The Artist’s Way Creative Circles where you are invited to go inwards to discover, embrace and reimagine your creative self.

As a Writer, Artist, Embodied Womanhood Mentor and impassioned encourager of play and curiosity - Eugenia offers a joyful, honest and heart-centred approach to the the Creative Circle process which allows space for the unfolding and shared wisdom.

Read more about Julia’s recommended guidelines for Creative Circles, which inform Eugenia’s facilitation style.

The Artist’s Way ‘ helps de-mystify the creative process by making it part of your daily life. It tackles your self-doubts, self-criticism and worries about time, money and the support to pursue our creative dream. It has already helped thousands of people to uncover their hidden talents
- it can help you, too.’
Julia Cameron

The weekly in-person sessions are an opportunity to come together and reflect on the core practices of  ‘Morning Pages’, and ‘The Artist’s Date’ as well as cultivating self-awareness, setting clear actions, and accountability in the process of growing our creativity and projects.

Eugenia’s approach to The Artist’s Way process is informed by her background in Education, Music, Creative Arts and Embodiment (mindfulness, movement and creative processes) to unlock your blocks and barriers, and expand and liberate the innate talent within. Expect a little humour and irreverence on the way too!

In addition to the face-to face circle sessions, Creative Circle members receive support by way of weekly emails that include inquiry prompts to support your ‘homework’, as well as membership to a private online Facebook community where inspiration and sharing enhance the process.

The next Artist’s Way Circle is being offered at The Arienas Collective, Edinburgh starting January 22, 2019.

spaces are limited, book your place here.

You can read what fellow journeyer's said about their experience of The Artist's Way with Eugenia: 

“You are a terrific facilitator, Eugenia! I have appreciated your talent and effort enormously. You are warm and perceptive and grounded. Coming to the creative circle has been a total pleasure for me, these past weeks, and I will miss it very much. I have also been grateful for the fact that you were doing the AW yourself, which meant that you were ‘in the trenches’ with us. That felt important, in a way, and I wish you all the best for your ongoing artistic adventure!” Lorraine

“Amazing, friendly and professional facilitation… Thank you so much for the past 12 weeks – it’s been a blast… There were so many insights, but I think these were often only realised, or fully realised as a result of group sharing/reflection. And often it was reassuring to hear that others experienced the same challenges, doubts, etc as myself. For me, overall, the experience has inspired me to become less fearful, to prioritise creative endeavours more and to enjoy more creativity and creative approaches to life.” Marianne

“It was a really lovely group of ‘alive’ people. I really enjoyed their vibrancy. It was lovely to have your joyous personality running the group. I enjoyed the fact that you were honest when you had not managed the full requirement of morning pages etc. This allowed others to also admit their own ‘failings’.” Phillipa - Phillipa Crawford Artworks

“Excellent facilitation – the right mix of doing the course yourself with us, and therefore sharing your own experience of it, and leading the group when leading was required. Bringing different people into the discussion when some people are less self confident than others… The course did provide me with a framework to help resolve some of my creative issues… Some deep seated things about work, effort, process and product were highlighted, helping me change the way I think about my artistic expression.” Jon - Jon Davey Photography

“I gained a lot of clarity about my avoidance and why I do it. It was good to share that and to see that everyone else had similar issues. I had some profound realisations that were quite painful but also helpful.” Jo -

“The discipline and the constant reflection really allowed things to emerge that were unexpected and the work together make it even more powerful!”

IF you interested in joining the next creative circle, Secure your place on the booking page (here). If you have a question about the artist's way process, please complete the below email. You can expect a reply within 1-3 working days. 

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