What women love about my services...

Absolutely Beautiful... You lifted my heart... You helped me to know/feel there is soo much more... and my journey is still unfolding. Thank you! Thank you!
- Mechele Y., Honolulu, Hawai’i

Caroline E., Edinburgh, SCOTLAND


It's hard to put into words exactly what the Summer Retreat for the Soul meant to me. The ability to rest deeply and engage in nourishing practices within a supportive environment is so rare in my normal day to day life. It was invaluable for me to have, not only a lovely few days in the company of inspiring women, but also to have tools and techniques to take home and use practically. Eugenia is a supportive and inspirational guide and teacher. Eugenia encouraged me to think about realistic changes that I could take home and use straight away. 


Danni Gordon, Chachi Power Project, Scotland

I was so delighted to be a participant of Eugenia's wonderful 'Body Wisdom for Self Love' workshop. Eugenia led the participants through different exercises which encouraged movement, introspection, journaling and sharing. The group were really responsive and a safe, friendly and warm atmosphere was nurtured by Eugenia's guidance. It was so interesting to learn how to develop trust between our minds and bodies which is something that our busy lifestyle's and oppressive culture really strips out of our lives. I am so glad I have a way to access that intuition again.


Natasha, H., Stirling

For me the Body Wisdom for Self-Love Workshops was just brilliant - and more emotional than expected! It was almost as if I was waiting for someone to say - you know what to do to help you relax (just listen to your body!), you don’t need anyone to tell you (but here are some ideas…). It came at the perfect time for me to start implementing some small routines and ways to cope with daily stresses. Thank you! 



Laura W., West Midlands, England


First of all I really want to express my heartfelt thanks to Eugenia. We came into contact during a time in my life where I was feeling totally emotionally and mentally exhausted and none of my usual ‘go to’ techniques such as mindfulness, meditation or asana practice were helping me. 

I can honestly say that Eugenia’s nidra recordings helped me in a way that I never imagined possible.

Eugenia really listened to what I liked in terms of colours, imagery, settings and what I wanted to achieve from the nidras, which was a sense of safety, security and confidence within myself. She took the time to listen to my feedback each week and then provide a Yoga Nidra that helped me move forward in my journey back to a place of mental ease.

“When the student is ready...”, thank you for the lesson. Insightful, comprehensive, and useful.
- Cheryl B., Pembroke, Canada

Aisling D., Edinburgh, Scotland

As a result of a crowded gym class and no official beginning of term for beginners my relationship with Yoga ended with me feeling like ‘it’s obviously not for me’ and ‘I can’t do it, it’s too hard’.

Then the opportunity came along for me to try Oh My Yogini’s urban retreat days and I gave Yoga one last shot. Eugenia gave lots of time to everyone helping us into the correct positions making sure everyone was comfortable and ensuring the class that everyone’s body limitations vary and everyone’s different. It is a day created completely ‘for you’.  

I would recommend it to everyone and especially to those who have been discouraged like me before. It’s a type of Yoga I didn’t know existed and addressed any misconceptions I’ve had before.' 

Truthful and poetic! Forgiveness and empathy for self and others really DOES put us back in our natural flow. Thank you Eugenia for expressing this so beautifully!
- Karen C., Wisconsin, United States
clare p.jpg

Clare P., Edinburgh, Scotland

After my first 6 week course I feel like yoga is new friend I've just met and want to know better. Eugenia's class always leaves me feeling uplifted, a perfect balance of deeply thoughtful but always fun. 


Wow Eugenia, this resonates with me.
I’m also finding previous obstacles are no more and
I’m now redefining them as challenges which I will meet head on. Thank you.
- Charlotte P., Newcastle, Australia

Nadalee J., Edinburgh, Scotland

It was like having my soul hugged from the inside.

A wonderfully relaxing experience. I left with a sense of calm and renewed energy which stayed with me long after the class. It reignited my love of yoga and meditation, after a year of barely doing any! It was just what I needed - a real treat.  
- Kate G., Edinburgh
Jo Holton.jpg

Johanna H., Edinburgh Scotland hellogojo.com

The discipline and the constant reflection really allowed things to emerge that were unexpected and the work together make it even more powerful!

I gained a lot of clarity about my avoidance and why I do it. It was good to share that and to see that everyone else had similar issues. I had some profound realisations that were quite painful but also helpful.

I needed this I needed this I needed this!!!!!!!!!
I love you you beautiful soul!!
- Ashley S B., St Louis, USA

Lorraine, portobello, Scotland

You are a terrific facilitator, Eugenia! I have appreciated your talent and effort enormously. You are warm and perceptive and grounded. Coming to the creative circle has been a total pleasure for me, these past weeks, and I will miss it very much. I have also been grateful for the fact that you were doing the Artist's Way yourself, which meant that you were ‘in the trenches’ with us. That felt important, in a way, and I wish you all the best for your ongoing artistic adventure!”  

Lorraine .jpg
This was a wonderfully calming experience which left me feeling relaxed, refreshed and revived.” Jenni, G. Edinburgh, Scotland

marianne p., portobello, scotland

Amazing, friendly and professional facilitation… Thank you so much for the past 12 weeks – it’s been a blast… There were so many insights, but I think these were often only realised, or fully realised as a result of group sharing/reflection. And often it was reassuring to hear that others experienced the same challenges, doubts, etc as myself. For me, overall, the experience has inspired me to become less fearful, to prioritise creative endeavours more and to enjoy more creativity and creative approaches to life.”  Marianne

I just wanted to say that Your message of forgiveness came up for me several times yesterday...so Thank You, again, for sharing that...it had an impact on me. Bless.
- Samwise D., New Mexico, USA

Laura M., Edinburgh, Scotland

The session felt blissfully indulgent as precious quiet, calm time is not easy to come by in December - especially, as a Primary School Music Specialist! Eugenia encouraged deep relaxation throughout which gently served as a reminder to every attendee on the importance of self-care during the often 'frantic' Festive Season. Rebooked already!

It was lovely to have your joyous personality running the group. I enjoyed the fact that you were honest when you had not managed the full requirement of morning pages etc. This allowed others to also admit their own ‘failings’.
Phillipa C., Newhaven, Edinburgh

Tessa F., Edinburgh, Scotland

Thank you so much for such a lovely weekend. The class was so wonderfully peaceful- an oasis of serenity in the bustling city. It really was a soul-soother! I floated out feeling so refreshed and relaxed. Will definitely book your next one! 


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