Creative workshops with Eugenia

Eugenia has a life long enthusiasm for seeing and doing, playing and making and this has invariably inspired the breadth of her professional practice.

She has spent the last two years immersed in cultural, creative and spiritual study and exploration whilst living in Indonesia, Japan, Australia and Scotland.

The blessings of this slow, mindful adventuring have supported her deepening practices in embodiment, mindfulness, art-play and her own womanhood.

Mandala Art

‘Mandala’ loosely translated from Sanskrit, means circle. Referencing an idea of wholeness, it invites you to consider yourself in relation to the infinite – a world within and beyond body and mind. Eugenia’s Mandala workshops are suitable for the creative and novice alike, and offer the experience of joy, peace and insight...

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The Artist's Way

Eugenia hosts The Artist’s Way creative circles. With the support of Julia’s Cameron’s 12 week process, you are invited to (re)discover, embrace and take creative action in community with others…


Community offerings

Committed to community development and sustainability, Eugenia has over a decade of experience in supporting and facilitating events, workshops and collaborative initiatives in the arts, cultural and education sectors. Read more about her experience, or explore the possibilities of collaboration…