A Life you Love in 2019: Vision Board with Feeling

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A Life you Love in 2019: Vision Board with Feeling




1.30 - 5.00PM, JAN 6 2019


You are invited to an afternoon of play, inspiration, mind body connection and practical tools for creating a life you love in 2019.

On the first New Moon of the new year, use this auspicious energy for imagining and creating a Vision Board with Feeling; one that is authentic and and aligned with your heart's desires and fuelled by the magic of a small dose of ceremonial cacao.

Vision Board with Feeling is a unique approach inspired by Eugenia’s own practices as an Embodied Womanhood Mentor, Creatrix and Self-love practitioner.

Much more than simply collaging aspiring images, you will experience the transformative power of bringing a vision into your body, and thus into your life.

This is a truly magical part of the creative process that is rarely taught and will serve you again and again as you continue to envision your future.

All welcome, no experience necessary.

Please bring any materials that you come across that inspire and ‘feel’ good to you (ie. magazines, postcards, pictures, colours, photos) that can be fixed to an A3 sheet of paper with craft glue. 

Limited places, early booking recommended

Investment * #

💗Includes paper and some craft supplies

💗Cacao elixir

💗A life you love in 2019 Yoga Nidra recording

*Low /unwaged places available on a sliding scale

# Discount available for loyal Beauties

Eugenia is an Embodied Womanhood Mentor, Artist and Self-love devotee. As former over-thinker, Eugenia has discovered the power and freedom of living a life inspired by her heart’s desires and body’s wisdom. She is dedicated to sharing that knowledge and her passion through Retreats, Workshops, Mentoring and her writing.


Amazing, friendly and professional facilitation… There were so many insights... For me, overall, the experience has inspired me to become less fearful, to prioritise creative endeavours more and to enjoy more creativity and creative approaches to life.”

Marianne, Portobello, Scotland

Eugenia made me feel instantly relaxed, welcome and in a safe space. I felt grounded, drifted in and out of consciousness and was able to explore where I am at this time in my life. Thank you for the blissful experience. x.

Lenka V. Melbourne, Australia

I was so delighted to be a participant of Eugenia's wonderful 'Body Wisdom for Self Love' workshop. Eugenia led the participants through different exercises which encouraged movement, introspection, journaling and sharing. The group were really responsive and a safe, friendly and warm atmosphere was nurtured by Eugenia's guidance. It was so interesting to learn how to develop trust between our minds and bodies which is something that our busy lifestyle's and oppressive culture really strips out of our lives. I am so glad I have a way to access that intuition again.

Danni Gordon Chachi Power Project, Edinburgh, Scotland

Eugenia's Cacao Ceremony is a perfect opportunity to slow down, connect to myself and recharge my energy and open my heart and mind to new possibilities. Eugenia has such a clam and positive and supportive and expansive energy and her ceremony is like a big hug from the universe. Thanks x

Kat Grant, Melbourne, Australia

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