Your 2017 needs a roadmap not a list of resolutions

Another year, another fad of New Year's resolutions dressed up as a capitalist scam to get you to buy X for improving Y so that you can FINALLY ‘be your best self’ and blah, blah, blah.

In last week’s email I talked about the power of golden repair, and now with the reflection and recognition segment of the life cycle complete, you can now consciously close the chapter that was 2016 and creatively open yourself to the possibilities of 2017.

It’s not about some mindless resolution to out-do your previous one – it’s about deciding what it is that your want to make happen and taking careful, calculated and focused steps to making it a reality.

One sure-fire way to stay in alignment with your joy, passions and ambitions is to actually decide how it is you want to feel.

Seems too simple and impossibly ineffective doesn’t it?

How can deciding you want to feel say, ‘happy’ or ‘peaceful’, help you figure out how you spend your holiday time, or if you look for a new job, or whether or not you buy those shoes.

Well it really can. Take the idea of holiday time: say you are living away from friends and family as I am, and invitations to special occasions or family events pop up (non-critical type events, i.e. NOT Grandma’s 100th Birthday). So now you need to decide between travelling to attend the occasion and putting the money and/or time towards your 2017 ambitions. It could be that you have a new hobby (i.e. Tibetan Throat Singing), or may be it means that you won’t get to go on that long dreamt of Yoga Retreat in the Highlands (with me!).

So the ultimate way to choose what to do is to consider which of those choices is in most alignment with your core desired feeling (CDF)?

If your CDF is happiness, ask yourself if keeping your family commitment is aligned with that? It’s quite possible that visiting your family brings you immense joy and happiness, however for some it might feel like obligation and stress. Either way, only you can know and then decide. It’s not a trick question and there is no ‘wrong’ answer.

What this method asks us to do is get laser sharp at knowing what we want to feel and learning how to fuel and stoke its fire with discerning and decisive action.

So sit down this week - while the momentum of 2017 is still warm and fuzzy - and create a collection of words that inspire you. Decide exactly the sensation and outlook you want to experience when you wake up every morning. Commit to pursuing what ever it is that allows those feelings to swell inside you. Start small and the big stuff will take care of itself.

If this is really resonating with you then check out Danielle LaPorte and her excellent work around the concept of Core Desired Feelings. I highly recommend it.

In the meantime Beauty, may 2017 be as wonderful as you dare it.