The secret to a lifelong love affair with Yoga

The secret to a lifelong love affair with Yoga

So if you’re in the early days/ honeymoon phase of your Yoga relationship - lap it up! Each class a lovely surprise and even if you aren’t always super enthusiastic about going you really do love it by the time a long juicy savasana comes around.

Weekly classes punctuated your routine creating such a nice way to motivate you throughout the week. I mean Monday-itis is practically bearable because you know you’ve got a smoking Yoga date planned and it will pump you up with some of them love endorphins. It’s pretty much a match made in heaven.

And then suddenly one night you come to sort of, well it’s nothing really, but you would just rather have a night off Yoga. Just. One. Night....

You’ve been pretty good for weeks now, and maybe if you just send a quick message and let Yoga know you’re feeling a bit tired (not the fact you would really rather stay curled up on the couch). So you cancel. It’s fine. No big deal.

Next week rolls by and you’re late getting home from a busy day. You’ve got to sort out that thing with your friend and all of the sudden you’ve got to call Yoga and explain that you aren’t going to make it. Again.

Suddenly, 6 months have passed. You went all Katy Perry on Yoga and now it’s just awkward. What would Yoga say? Would it be weird? Maybe we’ll pretend not to know each other…

Stop. Let me tell you what the beauty of Yoga truly is! It’s that it’s always there for you. Always. And Yoga never judges you. Ever.

Yoga is that safe, stable, reliable lover that you can come to in any condition, under any circumstance.

Yoga is there for you in the good times and the bad.

Yoga has no expectations of how you look, feel or behave either. It simply offers you a way to move – no pressure for progress, no pressure for answers, and no diamond ring commitments.

Now I’m not saying that you might never again perform the ghosting scenario described above; goodness knows that after 18 years of being in a relationship I’ve had ‘breaks’ of 6 months on occasion. And the truth is that the only one who’s judging me - is me.

If this doesn’t sound like your Yoga crush it might be time to find another, more accepting, lover.

So next time you second guess yourself about how and why it’ll be too hard to get back on the mat, remember that Yoga is a chance for us to be exactly who we are, no questions asked.

I’d love to hear about your ‘Yoga lover’ Beauty; so how long have you been together?