Self care is more important than ever - so what are you doing about it?

Is your cup half empty? Or is it half full? Whatever the case - you want it full to the brim! At least that’s how I like my glass of organic red wine on a wintery night at the end of a working week...

Do you hear or read things like, it’s important to fill your cup? Or, don’t let your well run dry…? I could go on with idioms - but let’s cut to the chase and explain whose cup we are talking about, and what we are meant to be filling it with.

In a nutshell - filling your cup is the same as a pre-flight safety briefing about air-masks:

“If you are traveling with children, make sure that your own mask is on first before helping your children.”

So you’ve no dependents? Well it’s likely you have a job, a home, friends and/or family and these responsibilities and commitments are your ‘dependents’ in this story. All these factors take your time, energy, care, and consideration and if you don’t have your own supply of ‘oxygen’ or way of caring for yourself (filling your ‘cup’) - so that you can be present and care for those around you - things are going to get sticky pretty quickly!  

And if I’m being honest, ‘keeping up’ is really not going to cut it anymore.

2016 has truly been a year for adversity, and as we continue to navigate the curveballs that life throws us, and push on, and manage and dedicate ourselves to success in our responsibilities and relationships, we need to be much more conscious of our choices and actions.

We need to ensure that our cup OVERFLOWETH!

Unfortunately, we can’t all take spontaneous vacations to the Bahamas, or spend a week's wage on facials and massages. What we can do however, is prioritise time to centre, collect our thoughts and care for ourselves in a way that sets a tone, intention and example for the type of community and quality of life we want to encourage and surround ourselves with.

Here are my three go-to methods for filling my cup, and caring for myself in times of adversity. Also knows as, anytime-things-to-do-because-they-make-me-feel-so-damn-good!

Water rituals: A bath is pretty much my favourite thing. I luxuriate in a bath when I’m happy, sad, angry, confused, tired, cold, warm, excitable… really any state of being. I use a cup of epsom salts and ensure I soak for a minimum 40 mins for full detox effects. I also have tea light candles, peppermint oil for a pick-me-up, or lavender oil for a calm-me-down. Sometimes I read, or sometimes I watch Netflix. If you don’t have a bath, a foot soak will do wonders too!

Nature: It’s a close second to bathing, but I love to walk. Nothing beats trees and fresh air for a change of perspective and environmental cleansing from urban overwhelm. Sometimes I walk around my local green space on my lunch break or after work, but my preference is a walk that is remote and far from traffic and residential living. I love the sensation of being enveloped by nourishing nature when I walk where rivers run, deciduous trees line and colour meandering pathways, and my only company are the birds and wild creatures of the woods.

Warming drinks: Herbs and spices make all things nice - especially in the cooler months. I rotate between three different homemade delights: Tumeric Latte; spiced Hot Chocolate; Homemade Chai (I add a pinch of salt and substitute the brown sugar for raw, organic honey). Taking 10 minutes out of my day to make myself a delicious, nutritious, and Ayurvedic inspired drink brings so many benefits: I make a point of using the stovetop to heat it, so it’s a slower, more mindful process. And once made, I truly relish the rewards by taking some quiet time to slowly sip it in.

Do you have self-care activities that fill your cup? I’d love hear about them…

And if you're in Edinburgh come and fill your cup ahead of the festive season on December 3 for the Calm before Christmas. All are welcome for this blissful afternoon of joy and peace.