Is it time to tame the critic and toss perfection to the curb?

tame the critic and toss perfection to the curb.jpg

I’m gonna get straight to the point. I want to acknowledge how clever, and discerning, and absolutely fabulous you are, and that I don’t take a second you spend on my email, social media or website for granted.


I’m thrilled that you make time for my wee rants. I really care that what I’m writing and offering out is truly worthy of your time.


You are after all, a bold, badass and busy Beauty!


So this is a little acknowledgement - not (!) an apology - that I typo. I have typo-ed. I do typo. And I 110% guarantee that I’ll typo again.


Why bother writing about this? Because I cringe at my own typos… Because I want my blog posts et. al to be freakin’ perfect. Because I have an inner OCD/ perfectionist/ anxiety beast, that is wild, wooly and only taken about 25 flippin’ years to *just about* tame.


And this ‘taming’ is a a day-by-day, by the skin of my teeth situation, might I add!


What I’m trying to say is that I sleep better at night and function better day to day when I create, share, support and send love out into the world.


And for the longest time I sat on my hands not creating. Feeling half-hearted, unfulfilled and disempowered.


I was waiting. Waiting. Waiting….The hell was I waiting for you ask? For me to be perfect. For the all stars to magically conspire into singularity, and the clouds to part and The Goddess to come down upon the earth and bestow on me The Crown of Readiness.


Yeah… you can see why I was waiting for a while! Haha.


So I sat down and did a lot of self-talk and realised that me and perfection had to break up.


It really wasn’t working. It was a chronic and debilitating love/hate, hot/cold relationship. When it was perfect, I was high as a kite. When it was messy and inadequate I was depressed and deflated.


The only way forward for me was to make peace and acknowledge the cold hard truth, I’m a perfectly imperfect human.


I will fail, and try, and fail again. And I will most certainly typo. And that is A-bloody-OK in my book. Because it is a sign that I’m living. I’m out in the world and giving it my best attempt. And because #humanislife.


I wanted to share this with you Beauty so that you might do one thing this week that you’ll be a little crap at. Or may be even fail entirely. Or better yet, totally and utterly joyfully surprise yourself!


And when you do go out on a limb and it doesn’t quite pan out I want you to think of me and my typos and be encouraged because I’d be right next you you saying, “So what? That’s cool, you’ll do better next time... Or actually, may be you won’t, but don’t you feel energised by creating the forward momentum in you life”?


If you need a leg up on how to start your creative adventures read on here.


Tell me, what one thing are you going to let yourself off the hook with this week, Beauty?