How to live by the light & flow of the Moon - Part One: New Moon Magic

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How often do you think about the Moon? I mean it is after all nearly 400,000km away. And it’s just sort of always there, doing it’s thing; the Moon orbits us on Earth, whilst we (Earth) orbit the Sun.

Moon phases occur as a result of the changing angles between the Earth, Moon and Sun. And so it goes on, night after night for 29 ½ days, to be precise.  

Occasionally your awareness of the Moon might be sparked because of an unusual event like the Strawberry Moon or an Eclipse season. But what about the eve-to-eve goings on; the waxing, the waning and the significance of the phases in between? What might we begin to observe by being conscious of the moon’s cycle and what, if any, power could it hold for us, personally, in our lives…?

If you are thinking this sounds wackadoodle, just pause for a moment, because it’s really not as crazy as it sounds.

Thousands of years of civilizations have, after all created traditions and cultural practices in accordance with the Moon.

And look how far it got the human race! We’ve been to the moon and beyond! So the ingenuity of harvesting and ritual making in those days long ago mustn't have been entirely bonkers?!

So how about for the next 28 days you join me for a little experiment in Moon Magic? Let’s together stare up at the sky and be inspired, astounded and nourished (and may be even guided) by this incredible celestial source of light.

Author and Moonologist Yasmin Boland - whose work I’ve been inspired by - suggests that, “the more you’re in tune with the Moon, the more easily life will flow” and frankly, I LOVE the sound and promise of that!

Let’s start with the New Moon.

The New Moon is often considered one of the most exciting parts of the cycle although, this part of the cycle is quite Yin in energy, as Chinese philosophy would describe.

The New Moon is a time to go inward, listen to your heart and plant the seeds of its desires.

Here are some concrete actions you can take in the 24hour window the New Moon falls within:

  • Take time to meditate, slow down and allow for messages and future dreams to emerge into your consciousness;
  • Record (write or draw) and say out loud your deep seated desires;
  • Recite the mantra ‘I am Blessed’;
  • Do things that awaken the body and make your ‘feel’ in your own skin (massage; sensual adventures with a lover; or hot bath with essential oils and candles); and
  • Literally “feel the feelings of the wish fulfilled”, in your body and as though it is already true.

You might like to get a small notebook for this lunar cycle and make daily observations so that 14 days after the New Moon, when the Full Moon arrives you can look back and develop on the intentions and seeds of desire planted here.

I will be observing the Moon and you are invited to join me on Instagram and Facebook where I will record and publish practices to support your dream and desire creations for you to use at home.

I would love for you to join me Beauty.