Get ready for 2017 with one simple action.

get ready for 2017

So 2017 is about 33000 minutes away at the time of writing. And sure there’s still most of December, festive events, and a whole bunch of bringing the year to a close yet to be done, but 2017 does bear some consideration ahead of your New Year's Day headache.

I’m not the type to wish time away. On the contrary, my yoga practice - both asana (postural) and pranayama (breath) - have really supported me to move into an increasingly improving here-and-now type discipline. When you’ve struggled all day and still managed to make it to your mat for practice and then you are faced with some particularly long held Chair and Warrior II poses and it's all burn in your thighs and glutes, you can only but reassure yourself that the ‘pain’ is temporary and that svanasana will be oh, so, sweet!

If we want to get the most out of our practice, it’s important that we don’t wish or rush away the rubbish bits. The same is true of our life off the mat.

To consciously create a shining life off the mat it begins with the very mindfulness and self-awareness Yoga practice invites.

See if you can bring a meditative awareness to the sensations and experience that you find challenging as you practice. What golden messages can you filter through the disappointment or frustration that stirs in our body/mind. Or as Ana Forrest says, turn that shit to fertilizer.

Do you want to collapse in a heap after the 20th downward dog? Do you find excuses to skip out on that pre-booked class? If that’s the case, then fine! Who cares! What is important is that you consider the reason(s) why...

And how exactly can this help your 2017 be great? When we start to allow room for real emotions, a chance to tell the truth about how we feel even if only in our own mind, it’s then that we start to truly know ourselves.

A high-vibe, shining life is only possible when we listen to our inner wisdom. We innately know what feels good, in the same way we know which is our favourite gin and tonic pairing.

A tangible way to commit to cultivating self-knowing is to write down some of the feelings and observations that bubbled up during your practice. Allow a uncensored version of the experience to surface and honour it, no matter what shape it takes.

The more we listen - and then act - the more fulfilling our day-to-day will be. So beauty, next time you jump on the mat, allow yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labour and see how your attention and observation of the body can help you cultivate awareness in your everyday.

Have you noticed inner messages arise during your practice? I'd love to hear about them!

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