Forgiveness by the glow of the Full Moon

full moon forgiveness ritual

It’s Full Moon time Beauties! And it’s oh, so, powerful. It’s a time for looking within, working with our past so that we can release, and let go in order to heal and move on. The more we explore our shadow self and embrace the fertile muddy wetlands of our emotions, the more effectively and gracefully we can transition and transform, making way for the possibilities of our future visions and dreams.  

It’s a Yang energy period in the Lunar cycle meaning it's action and integration time. This is where all things come to light, are illuminated and made visible - which makes perfect sense given that the moon is so juicy, ripe and bright in the sky at this time.

Key words at this time are: results; forgiveness; gratitude, and release.

A powerful questions to ask yourselves whilst reflecting back on your New Moon wishes are: How do you feel about your dreams now? Think positively and powerfully about your dreams and desires, but be honest and reflective on that which may not have come to pass.

If hopes haven’t materialised or if (unwelcome) surprises have come up during the lunation, it may be a challenging time for you and if this is the case, do all that you can to be objective and effective with the trials and tribulations you are presented with.

This approach or consistent reflection, assessment and consideration offered to us through the constant changing lunar phases offers us the perfect ally for moving through our life with flow and connection to what is. Doing this inner work at the Full Moon keeps us accountable to our desires, actions and outcomes which stand us in good stead for making our future New Moon wishes a reality.

When we do emotional work at the time of the Full Moon, it clears the weeds and prepares the soil for the seeds of our visions and dreams to gracefully come into bloom.

It is also an important time to practice humility, for when we take responsibility for the challenges and obstacles we experience, it sets an empowered message of self-reliance and capability for the big bright future we want to create.

With this in mind, Full Moon magic is best explored with intention of forgiveness. I wrote a little about my my journey with forgiveness earlier this week - read on here. Do remember however, that forgiveness isn’t necessarily about forgetting, it might instead be a time for reconciling. It might not be about any of these things, sometimes making peace - our own version of this - is the only possibility for deep & challenging experiences. So the practice of forgiveness might be turned inwards instead, and that Beauty - is more than enough.

An attitude of reconciliation and peace is still powerful progress and can support your return to mental strength and vitality in the face of frustration and anger, without diminishing the pain and injury you may have endured.

To make the most of these releasing energies, practice forgiveness work in the hours before / night before the Full Moon reaches its peak.

Here’s a 10 minute Full Moon Forgiveness Ritual, as inspired by Yasmin Boland.

  1. Set the mood, find a comfortable, private and quiet place

  2. Align your intention with love, kindness and compassion which are powerful indicators for your heart, mind and body.

  3. Allow yourself to be completely honest about any relationships or personal behaviours that are keeping you stuck

  4. Spend a minute or two practicing some deep, cleansing belly breaths; inhaling with the intention of peace / calm / love and  exhaling with the intention of release / letting go / freedom

  5. With pen and paper write it down the list of people / incidents that are stuck, where you feel tension, frustration, anger or deep hurt - don’t censor (and these could go way back into your past here, write the specifics everything that you are holding on to)

  6. Now with your focus and intention written on paper, close your eyes and envisage these memories of people / incidents inside a white balloon of light. Imagine that light is is holding them in within love, and forgiveness. Bring a sense of recognition for the relationship past, and consciously choose to move forward, in forgiveness and joy. Imagine smiling together, at each other and then envisage the balloon drifting off, high up into the sky.

  7. Then in your mind or out loud, speak the words of forgiveness. Here is a suggested script from Moonology:

    ‘Under the glorious Full Moon, I forgive everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness. I forgive positively everyone. I also forgive myself of past mistakes. The Universe is love, and I am forgiven and governed by love alone. Love is now adjusting my life. Realizing this, I abide in peace.’

To symbolically release this work and to confirm your intentions, burning your paper list is the best. Make sure you’re in a safe, well ventilated or outside space, away from vulnerable dry, habitat.

If not for this Full Moon Beauty, you will have another in about 29 and ½ days! So no pressure.

But if you have a go Beauty, I’d love to hear how you get on!