Your invitation to come into joy, communion, womanly wildness and wisdom

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I'm sharing with you, with deep love and honesty, my "Why"...


And how inextricably linked this is with creating and sharing with you, soul sister my D R E A M Summer Retreat for the Soul.


My life's work has been to authentically embody strength, joy and wellness and to unapologetically embrace my womanhood.



This is what passionately fuels the intention, themes and design of my writing, courses and teaching.



Early on I found myself - more often than I care to remember - at the end of a no-thru-road, only to turn back on myself and start off in an new direction...



And now? Sure it still happens! But this time my compass is fixed on my True North and I set out with confidence and courage: everyday I live my passion and truth in this 'work' ( BTW it's not really work, but L O V E in action).



What changed?



It was through my introduction to, and ritualising of, practices and tools that awaken and continue to support my heart's desire.



It was by finally giving permission; allowing my need for rest, space, and nurturing of the forgotten soft and compassionate parts of my soul.



This is what powerfully ignited my J O Y and D R E A M S.



And this is WHY I have created the Summer Retreat for the Soul.



This is where I will teach all I know about the power of habit in these sacred technologies (fancy word for ticks and tips!):



Stretches of time dedicated to solely to yourself is T R A N S F O R M A T I O N A L. This is designed as a 6 day immersion. We go beyond the usual two or three days which are only ever the beginning of the unwinding...


I have chosen to host my retreat at the magical The Dell, deep in the heart of the and inspiring natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands because nature H E A L S.
Exclusively offering this as a women's retreat is my deep commitment to providing space, in honour of the beautiful O P E N I N G we can experience together, safely, in sacred sisterhood.
Creatively exploring nurturing plant medicines provided to us by Mother Earth (Gaia) through the use of Ceremonial Cacao and Essential Oils is a R E T U R N I N G  H O M E after being exiled from the herbal communion and practice of our matrilineal lines.
Allowing S E L F - C A R E is the most powerful act we can commit to as modern women: let in house Chef Polly, her farm to plate gourmet fare nourish you; let our gentle body practices reawaken your connection to self: detox from the urban overwhelm of your everyday demands.


The commitment to experiencing these self-care practices will be healing, transformative and F U N.  



Some may be familiar to you, some may be new - remembering and learning together will be I N S P I R I N G.



So this Beauty this my invitation to you if you so feel called - to answer the your heart's desire.



Click here for all the details or message me, I’d love to hear from you.




PS. I would be ever so grateful if you shared this post with your Beautiful Sisters who may be in deep need of this opportunity to reconnect, renew and care for themselves.





Over 6 days, in community with 12 conscious women, share in the spirit of curiosity, love and openness and go within to witness your soul’s abundance deep in the hear of the Scottish Highlands. Answer you heart's call, find out more...