How to rekindle your creative fire in 7 days


When was the last time you did something creative? 

What if having a more vibrant and creatively juicy life is about small, simple, conscious everyday actions and not quitting your job to become a digital nomad in Bali?

Is that a sigh of relief I hear!?!

Let’s re-imagine creativity and reclaim it for the everyday, and for every one.

It really doesn’t have to be something fantastical; it could be making a new breakfast for yourself, switching up your regular Thursday Yoga Flow class for something different, or picking up a pencil and drawing yourself a little mandala art.

It’s my mantra and steadfast belief - and proven fact - that making, creating and being artistic in our own unique way is the ultimate way to create a nourished, connected and shining life!

Brene Brown says in the Power of Vulnerability that of the hundreds of people she studied, “the whole-hearted” – people living these good, full, connected lives – all share creative endeavour at the heart of their lives. It wasn’t that they were experts or full-time artists, more simply these fulfilled humans were singing in choirs, making candles to sell on Etsy, illustrating in their lunch breaks and so the variations go on.

Yes, these things might require you to externalise something of yourself; your voice, your candle flair, your drawings. Scary yeah?!  But thrilling too!

Don't panic – we’ll start small. All you need to choose is one new action a day for seven days (1 week). Here’s three that have really worked for me:

  1. A new start to the day: Create a morning ritual. Choose a mantra in the morning – you could borrow one from LeAnn Rimes' InstagramDanielle LaPorte's TruthBombs, or pull an oracle card (the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit is my current fav!) – and repeat it to yourself as you get ready for your day: in the shower, on the walk to work, as you stare yourself down in the mirror and psych yourself to brave leaving the house.
  2. Re-energize and refresh from the inside: Experiment with a new meal /food practices each day. Try out a breakfast smoothy instead of day 562 of toast and marmalade; or prepare some nosh on the weekend to free up your evenings (freezing in portions is a sure-fire winner for me).
  3. Simplify your style: Declutter your wardrobe. Choose one item each day that you haven’t touched in over 6 months and pop it in a bag. At the end of the week you’re gonna take that bag to your nearest charity and feel amazing about making a donation and minimising the amount of choices you have in your life!

So what will change after 7 days? Well there’s a whole lot of books and people who can tell you in length the cumulative effects small, deliberate and repeated habits can have. I’m not going to go into that, instead I encourage you to try for yourself. 

One thing is for sure, you're going to start a conversation with yourself about the what, why and how you do things - instead of taking for granted that your daily routine is what it is, just 'cause! If you keep it up for 7 days, give another option on the list a go. In no time you will have done three weeks of behaviour change and habit making.

These micro-creations in your daily life are the stepping stones to bigger changes; by achieving small changes simply and easily you have evidence and experience that you that you can and do change! No more crap self-talk or doubting Daisy - you've done it once, you'll doing it again!

And that there is the beginning of a juicy, conscious and shining life. 

Which action are you going to take beauty? I’d love to hear about it…