5 free YouTube Yoga classes - juicy practices for anytime, any vibe

Here is a hit list of some of my fave Yogini's offering you a great practice to suit you at any time of the day. No excuses now! 

Sometime we just can't leave the house, or may be you're not in the same city to come join my classes! Well I've done some of the scouting work for you and found some great home practices for you to enjoy at anytime of the day. You're welcome! 

Rise and shine with Adriene

Adriene’s style is really accessible and consistently encourages you to experience Yoga in a joyful way. What I really like about Adriene is her queues to pay attention to engaging muscles in the postures; particularly her attention to keeping active feet and relaxed shoulders.

Try this balancing ocean flow. It’s ideal for a morning practice, awakening the spine and getting the blood moving after your nights rest. At a totally manageable 25 minutes you’ll feel a really satisfying sense of accomplishment before you start your day or set off to work.


Becca is a Yogini for our times: fearless, embodied and unapologetic. Her flows are creative, fun and feel great in the body. If you follow her on social media you’ll get a sense of her wicked personality and absolute passion for yoga and love of life.

This Creative Cardio Vinyasa Yoga Flow is a lovely all-body experience. Her breath queues provide a great invitation to fully oxygenate the body leaving you feeling invigorated. If you find the ‘jump-switch’ a bit challenging, simply take a step back and to switch the legs.


Jessamyn’s Everybody Yoga classes are high energy, accessible and straight shootin’. She’s a self confessed “fat femme” yoga teacher,  body positive advocate, and writer based in Durham, North Carolina. Her honesty about Yoga and life bring an exciting breath of fresh air to the sometimes commercial, competitive vibe of the Yoga world.

For the beginner or intermediate Yogini you’ll find what you need in Jessamyn’s Free Beginner-Intermediate Yoga Class. If you’re on a roll and want to bring a rush of blood back to the lower body and movement back your seat, then back it up with the Hip Opening Class.


Ana Forrest is the founder of Forrest Yoga. Forrest Yoga is Ana's life work and practice grounded, inspired and informed by her own overcoming of trauma and illness. Her dedication to and knowledge of traditional medicine and cultural practices of First Nations people of America is a part of her approach and is sometimes presented in her use of language and native animal names for some yoga postures. Not for the faint hearted, Ana’s classes have a distinct style and feel which is reliably challenging and intended to have you meet your ‘edge’ physically and emotionally.

This Backbend Yoga Class sequence is the perfect antidote a mid-afternoon slump. Instead of that double espresso and chocolate fix - bring yourself to your mat, revitalise the spine, and activate those deep-core muscles like you never before have!


Jules’ teaching is informed by her background in biomechanics – a consideration of the forces acting on the body during movement. Her instruction comes from years of professional teaching and practice with clients and through her academic research. She’s widely respected in the Yoga community and you can find her at international Yoga festivals and offering dozens of asana classes online via yoga platform Udaya.

Here Jules offers a really nice 45 min restorative practice that will return you ‘home’ at the end of a busy day, or lower and sooth any anxious energy, before you hit the bed. If you are wondering about props, use pillows, rolled-up blankets or other bedding and if setting up the chair seems a bit tricky, try reclining from an armchair or couch.   

Do you have a favourite online yoga class? Share it with us...