Forgiveness by the glow of the Full Moon

It’s a Yang energy period in the Lunar cycle meaning it's action and integration time. This is where all things come to light, illuminated and made visible - which makes perfect sense given that the moon is so juicy, ripe and bright in the sky at this time. The key words at this time are: results; forgiveness; gratitude. What action will you take... 

How to live by the light & flow of the Moon - Part One: New Moon Magic

Occasionally your awareness of the Moon might be sparked because of an unusual event like the Strawberry Moon or an Eclipse season. But what about the eve-to-eve goings on; the waxing, the waning and the significance of the phases in between? What might we begin to observe by being conscious of the moon’s cycle and what, if any, power could it hold for us, personally, in our lives…?



A simple self-care intervention in the age of non-stop, round-the-clock

We are living hyper-tethered lives. Constantly connected, either ourselves streaming or being streamed to, with the world at our fingertips, and in our beds at night. How can we continually brace ourselves from the online onslaught? Can we really read about another violent crime, injustice, or oppression? What is the toll? 

How to detach from other people's BS (while staying cool and classy)

Here are three very real and practical ways for you to stay vital, happy and detached from other people's BS. These are tried and tested ways to stay classy and cool, whether enduring a 60 minute meeting with the office bully, or the surprise life-in-crisis 3 hour coffee/wine catch-up with your bestie.