All photos by  Ellie Morag , unless otherwise credited. 

All photos by Ellie Morag, unless otherwise credited. 


Eugenia is Yoga Teacher, Educator and Artist passionate about connectedness, community access and inclusion to holistic practices that support mind:body wellbeing. Through the face-to-face delivery of classes, workshops and custom events, Eugenia serves and supports communities and organisations.

Online, using tools and guidance via her newsletters and courses, Eugenia supports women to make meaningful and intentional choices that prioritise their wellbeing and lay the foundations for a life of possibilities. 

Eugenia has developed unique expertise over her career, intersecting Education, Creativity, Wellbeing and Bodywork. Her commitment to professional development and education ensure she remains a thought-leader abreast of professional and industry standards. Her training and qualifications include:

Early in life Eugenia developed a passion for embodied creativity through lessons in Ballet and the Violin. In her teens, her love for singing eclipsed her talent on the Violin, and she retired the strings after completing 5th Grade AMEB, and instead focussed on performing and touring internationally with the Young Voices of Melbourne, including featuring on several of the choirs music recordings (YVM Christmas (2002)YVM - Y2K (2000)Mixed Fortunes (1999)International A Cappella (1997); and Mostly Australian Songs (1995)). In 1998 she was selected for Australia's esteemed Gondwana National Choir and sang on their first ever music recording, Voices of Gondwana

Eugenia is currently immersed in living and working in South East Asia. In 2018 she will be offering retreats, workshops and masterclasses in Europe, see the Book Your Place page for more details, or alternatively send a email via the form below for information, or for private consultations. 


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