Welcome Beauty! 

I'm Eugenia and I'm so glad you're here.


OH MY YOGINI empowers women

to be soulful and wildly well through self-love mastery


I offer embodied coaching, rituals and practices for

heart, body & mind - ON AND OFF THE yoga MAT


I'm Eugenia, a "Coach", Yoga, Creativity, and Wellness educator, and the impassioned creator of Oh My Yogini

I believe in an holistic, embodied and naturally empowered approach to women's wellness.

Here you'll find tips, tools, immersive experiences and rituals that support you to be wildly well, authentically happy and uniquely you. 

Yoga or nutrition alone cannot support the whole human system, and so I show you how to go beyond 'quick-fix' solutions. 

I invite you to anchor into your heart's desires, and act in conscious, powerful ways to align mind, body and soul. 

I will show you how to radically embrace and love yourself, exactly as you are.

Let's do this Beauty!


embody your soul through heart, body & mind



Eugenia is a Yoga, Creativity, and Wellness educator. SHE empowers WOMEN to radically embrace and love themselves and live life on thier terms so that they can be wildly well & authentically happy.


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